Services provided by GEJ-IT

Full Hebrew Support!!!

When was the last time you was needed Hebrew support on your computer(s)? GEJ-IT is the only company that gives FULL HEBREW SUPPORT! Writing in Hebrew, saving Hebrew filenames, opening Hebrew documents and websites, Email's in Hebrew, Hebrew user interface, applications written in Hebrew and many, many more. Only @t GEJ-IT.

WebDesign and Set-up

Provide material from your business, such as catalogs, logos, printed materials, photographs, layout ideas, etc., and we will work as a team together via telephone, e-mail, or in person if possible, to bring your business to life on the Internet the way you want it to be organized and set up.

Branches Connections

Do you have more then one branch? Don't you think it's time to make them work together? Save your money on deliveries for things you can forward via Email such as receipts, faxes, signigures, appliactions, and etc.

Sites maintenance

Do you and your business already have a website that is currently up and running? We'll help you make it look better and more professional to improve it to suit your needs perfectly.


You have a thriving business and a lot of correspondence going out of the office, however you have no graphic to impress the reciepient of your correspondences.
Letters which are being sent, would look much more professional with a business logo. We'll help you choose your company's logo to make your correspondence more impressive. Already have a logo? We'll try to help you make it look more improved and far more creative.

Personal Email Addresses

In the new Internet generation, most most people would prefer to have their own Secured Email account as opposed to sharing an unsecured account. You will be able to have as many email addresses as you wish, at the any template that you desire, to all your employees you wish without paying any extra money and without having the need to worry about running out of available Email accounts on your domain name. Our spaciallity is with mail servers and our expirience can make things a lot easier, for you and for us.

Database Services

Integrate Databases to your office to file papers, images, projects and etc.

Web Services

Ever thought about running your own secured web server that will allow you use your office services from outside of your corporate network? We are the secure answer for you and your company!

Freelance Web Work

Even if you only need to hire freelancers to take on specific tasks for your existing website, please contact us. GEJ-IT SATISFACTION GUARANTEED We'll work with you spending the necessary time to make it work to your satisfaction, resulting in a website we can both be proud of. When you look good, we look good.

Full integration with handled PCs

Full integration support with handled PCs, such as IPac, PalmPilot, Helio and etc. Including syncronization with all contacts and appointments.

OnSite Services

Let us help you to make your job easier, either by filing files and documents automaticlly or either by searching tools and applications.

Backup and Restore Routines

Take a moment to think about your archives on the network. Now, do you remember where they are located on your network? For sure, you don't remember all of network paths. I'm sure about somthing else, you don't need to create a backup of archives! Once every so often, backing up archives is a very importent network task to preform. I am sure that you and your employees do not have the time and the patents to do it, so, let us do it for you. We want you to concentrate in your job and not be concerned on network back-ups to be done!
Ok, you are right, we just spoke about backing up archived files and folders, so your next question will most likely be : "What about daily backups to do?" We promise you to have safely, and fully to have backed up systems and servers if applicable to work with for work purposes. One more very important thing to still cover. Have you ever tried using and restoring your back-ups? Trust us to handle this whole thing for you, Backup, Restore and Archiving. Take your time for your business and we'll take care for your tools (computers).